Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Determined Kid

Ethan is in a cast from his waist to his toe, but he is determined to be independant. Today, he decided that he wanted to go downstairs and he didn't want to wait for help, so he went down all by himself. Then he came back up the stairs (we didn't catch this on video) and crawled over to our coffee table and himself to a standing position. It's funny, it feels like it did when he was a baby and we got all excited for every little thing he learned to do. Now we got so excited when he learned to roll himself over, then he learned to scoot around a little bit by using his arms and one good leg, and now this. Nothing is going to stop this kid!!!

(Disclaimer:Ethan looks like he is going to his Julia at the end of this video, but he is really just reaching for the table.)

Check out the smile at the end of this video. He feelings of triumph are obvious.

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  1. Poor kid but they are growing up so fast. They are absolutely adorable.